"We're always in the
midst of a chase.

Going after a dream...

Chasing a fantasy...

And making it a

This is what I write

Life is about the chase."

~ Rachelle

September 2006 – Archive

Life has sucked up my time allocated to the Internet. My web site has become woefully out-of-date, my blog is weeks behind, and my email box is overflowing with unread emails. But I’m struggling to get caught up. Tonight, I selected the last item — the easiest of the bunch — and stumbled upon a link to a June 22nd article from the Sydney Herald that I’d emailed myself. So forgive me if this is old news to most of you, but I just had to share …

From I’ll have what she’s having, I gleaned a lot of interesting tidbits that I may be able to put to use in my next book. Namely:

  • Job opportunities abound for “orgasm theorists,” as they appear to be under-represented.
  • Poor diet, too much caffeine, and not enough fish oil may be to blame for my inability to have 52 vaginal orgasms in one session.
  • For the first time ever, there is now an accurate map of the clitoris.
  • News Flash: Researchers now believe that women can have a physical arousal and psychological arousal but they are two quite different processes. [Astonishing! I did not know that.]
  • Women coming up today are used to having orgasms and decent sex, unlike “older” women. [Wow. Guess I just imagined having orgasms and great sex.]

Okay. I’m being a bit sarcastic here. But despite the article’s eye-rolling paragraphs, there are quite a few that I found interesting (and I do think diet impacts all areas of life) and I am happy to see attention — and dollars — being spent on studying women’s orgasm. What are your thoughts?

Whew! Sorry for the long blog absence. Life kind of got in the way of things. But, I’m back. And what better way than to acknowledge a very special person’s birthday today.

Here goes, in no particular order.

Without you …

I’d still be curling my lips in disgust at things I don’t approve of. Whenever I catch myself being judgmental, your words come back to remind me.

M’s blood pressure wouldn’t be the lowest it’s been in years.

I wouldn’t know the secret to drinking, thus I’d never know what it feels like to be the sexiest, Soul Train dancer who ever lived, desired by every man in the club.

I wouldn’t have experienced the best birthday of my adult life.

A. wouldn’t be the happiest he’s ever been, on the verge embracing a new life that you made happen.

when a “great” idea hits, tears would fill my eyes as I stare at the silent phone, for there’d be no one squealing with excitement on the other end as if I hadn’t shared a million “great” ideas before.

R.L. wouldn’t have anyone who thinks like he does or to discuss politics with.

when the next Mr. Right-Gone-Wrong crushes my heart, there’d be no one calling him names while I sob, and then telling me what a wonderful person I am, that I am too good for him.

no one would’ve made me stop my then-new Lexus to pick up the mangy dog, search for his owner, and feel the rush of relief because he’d been saved.

there’d be no ongoing rescue of the ever-increasing number of “unique” animals with “special” needs and placement of them in the perfect homes.

T. wouldn’t be the smartest, most beautiful, most loved, most well-adjusted, being in the whole world, primed to accomplish spectacular things.

there’d be no box filled with childish drawings of houses and princesses with “I love you” scrawled in block letters that I go through when I’m feeling down, that make me feel special.

I would be a mother, for there would be no one to teach me that I am not mother material.

cherished memories of daily coffee dates in Walnut Creek, shared secrets in Savannah, and salads in Atlanta would be replaced with memories of meaningless hours and loneliness.

Without you, I’d cry every day because there’d be an emptiness in my heart that only you can fill.

I love you. Happy Birthday!

Last week, after overdosing on coffee and forgoing sleep to meet the deadline for my latest book, The Sin Club, I wondered why I felt so drained. Well, beyond the obvious reason, that is. And it finally dawned on me:

Just as the actual sex act – done right, LOL – can be exhausting, so is writing erotic romance.

Why is that? Well, for me it’s because sex is a major character in the story who must be present at all times. Even when the hero and/or heroine are not thinking about sex or having sex or even together in the same scene. What the hero/heroine is seeing, thinking, saying, physically and emotionally feeling, as well as smelling and tasting, must be used to convey sensuality consistently – before, during, and after the actual sexual intercourse. The reader must always feel the sexual tension regardless of what is happening in the story. And keeping that level consistent, even in the most mundane conversation, takes a lot of work. At least for me and the level of sensuality I try to maintain in my writing.

But it’s over. I’m done. The book has been turned in. And I feel like I would after a great round of sex: Satisfied and complete. I think the exhaustion was worth it – The Sin Club pleased me.

So … is it just me or do other writers feel like this after completing erotica/erotic romance? And from a reader standpoint, do you like sensuality present in every scene?

I promised to announce the winner by 11:59 p.m. today and, well, like all my deadlines, I’m cutting it close to the wire. It’s 11:45 p.m. as I type this. So … do I at least get kudos for making it? LOL

Any-hoo, the winner of the FREE Aphrodisia Book Club Subscription is …

(drum roll, please)

Cindy K. in Michigan.

Congratulations, Cindy. And thanks so much to all of you who took the time to read my excerpt from The Sex Lounge and enter the contest!


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