"We're always in the
midst of a chase.

Going after a dream...

Chasing a fantasy...

And making it a

This is what I write

Life is about the chase."

~ Rachelle

Blogging Tips Book CoverOn 3/8/08, I spoke about online promotion with Lorelle VanFossen and Tom Johnson at the San Francisco Romance Writers of America monthly meeting.

Afterwards, I had lunch with Lorelle and discovered that, not only is she an expert on blogging, she’s also a wonderful, dynamic, and generous person. And, she gave me three copies of her book – Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging – to give away.

Want to win a copy? If so…

Please leave a comment here and tell me what you like or dislike to read about in blogs – and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing for a free copy.

54 Responses to “Win a FREE Book”
  1. Venus says:

    I like witty, fun blogs. Sometimes, I like to read about developments in the industry-writing tips, new happenings, advice etc. Other times, I like to relax and enjoy a good personal story about what the author/blogger is going through that week. Some of these can be quite funny and refreshing.

  2. beth says:

    I don’t like to read long rambling posts. i like practical information, heartfelt and well-written. I’m just starting to blog and I want my information to be useful!

  3. Rachelle says:

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your likes, Venus. Just curious: Since you seem to like a variety of topics, do you go to different sites for different needs? I guess, what I’m really asking is…do you expect an author/blog to stay true to a consistent theme – or do you mind if they write about whatever moves them?

    I’m asking because my blog topics seem to be all over the place and I’m wondering if that annoys readers.

  4. Rachelle Chase says:

    I hear you, Beth. Even really long posts that are focused and full of useful information leave me a bit overwhelmed. I find that I’ll often bookmark the site to come back — then, I forget to come back. :-)

    Thanks for leaving a comment. And, btw, your site looks great!

  5. Shannon Leigh says:

    I love to read about upcoming books. Great reviews, special events, etc. What I don’t like is long posts that don’t seem to say much of anything. Short and sweet and to the point.

  6. Nicole North says:

    I like informative, interesting or fun posts. Not too long. They can be about any subject from the industry to book reviews to something funny that happened in real life. BTW great website, Rachelle! :-)

  7. Ali says:

    I like to find out about new books by blurbs, excerpts, author interviews, and such. This helps when it’s time to go shopping :)

  8. Michele LaCroix says:

    I’m new to blogging and I’m interested in how to really blog.

  9. Julie Cummings says:

    I like reading about all different things on blogs. Funny is really good, but so are tips and tricks of the industry and sneak peeks into whats new.

    What are don’t like are the blogs that are mean. There has got to be a better way to get people to your blogs than being malicious, right?

  10. Mary Schenten says:

    I’m a writer so I’m interested in tips and experiences etc about writing. I also like stream of consciousness ramblings or annecdotes about everyday life.

  11. Kristi says:

    Tips and tricks are always good, but what is really interesting to me is how a writer overcomes certain obstacles: a sagging middle, family issues, etc. Being in such an isolated field, it’s nice to know how other people react/respond to the problems we have. Helps when I get stuck myself!

  12. Virginia H. says:

    I enjoy the interviews of the authors, it let you learn more about them. I also enjoy book reviews and excerpts providing they are not to long. I really don’t enjoy them posting whole chapters. Its a little to much to read.

  13. Rachelle Chase says:

    Shannon and Ali – it’s nice to know that you find book and author information interesting. I think I need to do a better job of mentioning those things. :-)

    Nichole – I like variety, too. And thanks so much for the compliment on the site!

    Michele – when you discover the secret to blogging, will you let me know? :-)

  14. Carol says:

    I like to read blogs that offer writing advice and tips. As an aspiring (Oops, I’m no longer an “aspiring” author, as I made my first sale yesterday! Yes!). I tried to do that with my blog. I posted things I liked to see in other blogs.


    p.s. I was the week 6 mini-critique winner for the ’07 Chase the Dream Contest.

  15. Rachelle Chase says:

    Julie – you raise a good point. I stumbled upon a blog today in which the author had very strong opinions about a topic. When I went back and read a half dozen previous blog entries, they were all angry and opinionated. They weren’t mean and many of the points were valid. But, reading angry post after angry post was too much. I needed to escape for some optimism!

    Mary – you mentioned “stream of consciousness.” Do you like Twitter.com?

    Kristi – it seems like regardless of where we are in our writing careers, be it our 1st book or our 50th, we struggle with some of the same issues. So, I agree. Reading about how others overcame these things can be very motivational.

    Virginia – That’s a very interesting comment about a chapter being “too much.” Can you give an estimate – either word count or page count – of the amount that piques your interest best?

    Thanks to you all for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  16. Rachelle Chase says:

    OMG, Carol, that’s FANTASTIC!! Congratulations!! And I see it was the entry that you entered in our contest. I must run over and tell Leigh. I’m really, really, happy for you!!

  17. Patricia Bates says:

    I know there are a great many blogs out there and some of them are excellent. Still others, I’ve went to once and never returned.

    I hate to click on a blog and get nothing but negativity. Yes bad things happen to everyone but don’t cry about it for pages and pages on a blog.

    Thanks Rachelle for taking the time to point this out to us! As always excellent job!

  18. Carol Burge says:

    Yes, Rochelle, it is the same entry I submitted to the contest. Woo-hoo!

  19. Jina Bacarr says:

    Hi, Rachelle,

    I enjoy a blog with a great opening hook, whether it’s a story or factual info.

    Not too long — and by all means, break it up into paragraphs for easier reading.

    Teach me something, make me laugh or make me cry — it all works for me!


  20. Anita Yancey says:

    I like blogs that talk about something positive. I like hearing about books,and movies. I don’t like blogs that contain a lot of negative things, like talking bad about other people.

  21. Marilyn Brant says:

    Oh, I love humor, so if a blog post is funny, I’ll often come back for more. I like insights into the blogger’s worldview and links to other interesting sites (for books, movies, YouTube videos, etc. :) .

    Hope you get to go to your blogging conference, Rachelle!!

  22. Shari C says:

    I like a positive blog that makes a statement; it either tells me something, teaches me something or makes me smile about something. I don’t like blogs that are extremely long or blogs that are nasty or ridcule others.

  23. Leigh Michaels says:

    Carol, what wonderful news! I’m so glad to know that the Chase The Dream Contest and the mini-critique helped to lead to your first sale!

  24. Linda J says:

    I’ve just started using blogs as a way of documenting my travels, like a trip journal. With my daily posts, I add photos and links. My friends and family can travel with us vicariously and I have a ready made scrapbook when I return. I’m still learning but with each one, it gets better and better.
    I’m having a ball. I can think of a number of other uses for blogging besides travel. I love humor and lots of photos.

  25. Lorelle says:

    This is wonderful, Rachelle, and thank you for the honor of sharing so much of the day with me. I’m having a great time lurking and reading all these insightful comments.

    It’s going to be touch choosing. I recommend a hat. :D

    And thanks to all for giving me some fresh insights into what blogs mean to so many.

  26. Amelia says:

    I like blogs that give out contests, tells more about upcoming releases, and those that make it fun and entertaining.

    I don’t like blogs that are extreme long.

  27. K. Rice says:

    I enjoy reading your blogs because they are of fun and mature content for mature readers. They are not ramblings or nonsense. They are really designed to give an outlet to the mature browser. I am not ready to write my first book *yet* but your blog provides me with insight into the life, mind of a writer. I enjoy reading interviews with authors, I enjoy reading about writing tips.. for me it is a well rounded environment!

  28. Rachelle Chase says:

    PATRICIA – you\’re welcome and thank you. :-) The fact that there ARE so many blogs out there is part of my problem. Even the ones that I like to read, I cannot find the time to read them all.

    JINA – That \”hook\” seems to be crucial in every form of writing, as is invoking an emotion from the reader that keeps them reading. Very true.

    ANITA – yes, as we\’ve discussed here, I think negativity goes a long way in turning readers off. I think there\’s a way you can discuss things that are negative in an engaging way – by turning it into a positive, handling it in a way that inspires to reader to examine his/her feelings and come to their own conclusion, or to use humor.

    MARILYN – thanks, but it looks like I\’m not going to win. :-( Oh well … Yes, humor is good. I\’m constantly amazed by the things people put on YouTube! LOL

    SHARI – I totally agree!

    LEIGH & LORELLE – thanks for stopping by. And Lorelle, I\’m glad you enjoyed the time as much as I did. Thanks, again, for providing the books.

  29. Rachelle Chase says:

    LINDA J – I think that’s a wonderful way to use a blog. And, before you know it, you’ll accumulate a readership that goes far beyond your family and friends. It can also be a portfolio to use in the event that you’d like to pitch travel articles to magazines. And photos are crucial to what your writing. Sounds great!

    AMELIA – I seeing a trend here, in that length is important to just about everyone. Which makes sense, given the hectic pace of life.

    K. RICE – yikes, are you talking about MY mind? :-D I’m not sure I provide anything useful about writing life, as I blog about little black dresses, things men find sexy, etc. (But maybe you are referring to the Chase the Dream contest or my Chatting with Chase author interviews?)…Seriously, though, thanks for the compliment. And, when the time is right, I wish you much success with YOUR book.

    I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s comments – I really, really appreciate you all for sharing your thoughts on blogging.

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  31. Dave says:

    That’s an interesting question…
    I enjoy reading two types of blogs – and for different reasons.
    When I am looking for information I want the blogs to be concise, helpful and accurate, but for my “fun” blogs I enjoy the sensation that I “know” the writer and I love glimpsing into his/ her personal feelings and life.

  32. Rachelle Chase says:

    Dave – It’s nice to know that you, along with many others here, enjoy the personal side of authors, as well. And btw, your B&B looks delightful! I’m hoping to go to Spain this year and have bookmarked your site. :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  33. Mary Kate says:

    I read a variety of blogs for different reasons. The personal blogs I read (about their day-to-day life) need to be funny and have an interesting perspective. For the informational blogs I read (finance blogs, learning how to blog), I need them to be straightforward and well written.

  34. Joy says:

    Design matters to me. I don’t like blogs that are too jammed with text. [And white text on black is horrible.]

  35. Jade says:

    In personal blogs, I enjoy reading about challenges people face in their daily lives. There are so many wonderful personal stories people are willing to share.

    I also enjoy reading blogs to catch up on technology news. It’s amazing how much information you can learn from following blogs!

    Finally, I enjoy reading blogs that give me tips on how to be a better blogger myself, since I’m new to blogging.

  36. jmb says:

    I started as a medblog reader,even before I had my own blog, since I am a retired healthcare professional.
    Soon I branched out into reading other blogs and then started my own. I follow a very eclectic lot of blogs, actually there are 235 in my bloglines feed. Lots of medblogs and some technical blogs and a vast array of more personal blogs. Although I am pretty circumspect on my own blog, most writing about places I been, things I’ve done, I enjoy reading about other people’s lives.

    I do like to read people with a sense of humour in their writing and an occasional rant is all right but not as regular fare.

    I also like to see what books people are reading and talking about and I like to get information from my reading so I give lots of information in my posts.

    It seems I have pretty broad tastes in blogs.

  37. John Rivera says:

    I read blogs to get information on whatever subject I’m looking for information on at that moment. So when I find a blog that I think has what I’m looking for I want to be able to scan the post quickly to determine weather it has what I’m looking for.

    A good blog post will present the content clearly and succinctly with as few words as possible.

    So, if your writing about widjets, tell me something about widgets and not about how many kittens your neighbors’ cat had, no matter how cute they are.

    I hate having to scan through a bunch of filler just to find that the post does not have what I want am looking for. What a waste of time!

    The moral of this story? Give readers what they’re looking for and they’ll keep coming back for more!

  38. Rachelle Chase says:

    MARY KATE – It’s interesting how just about everyone here likes humor woven into the personal blogs. In addition to an interesting angle, I find that I prefer a story-like approach. Must be the fiction writer in me. :-)

    JOY – I agree. I take one look at all that text and immediately feel overwhelmed. :-(

    JADE – I find technology blogs interesting, too. But, the best ones for me are those that show me how to do something, providing steps and/or sample code.

    JMB – your diversity in tastes is a wonderful thing! 235 blogs? Wow. Do you scan the list for interesting posts daily?

    JOHN R – Yes, I think blog posts have to be focused and concise. We are overloaded with information, coming from so many sources, that we don’t have the time or interest in wading through the “filler” to figure out what the writer is saying. If we don’t “get it” quickly, we’re on to the next.

    Thanks to you all for the comments!

  39. Bean says:

    I appreciate blogs that make me think about things in a new way: be it a new way to cut up a mango, adjust levels in photoshop, consider a state legislative bill or training my dog.

    Several have said they don’t like long blog posts, but I much prefer a post that has enough depth to stimulate my intellect or my assthetics. I abhor one paragraph blog posts that just summarize someone else’s blog post. If you want to bring my attention to someone else’s posting tell me why. Don’t tell me read this great post, tell me about how that post impacted you and why.

    There is a definite difference between giving your post enough depth and just rambling on about disjointed concepts. I don’t usually read diary style blogs for that reason. I prefer blogs with a specific focus so I can make informed choices about my reading options and which blogs to spend my time.

    Since I can easily get about 700 posts a day on my feeds, I rely heavily on titles and that first few lines. If the title isn’t specific or eye catching, I just keep scanning until I find a post that does capture my attention.

    I also tend to avoid blogs that are just negative. I gravitate towards posts that present a negative situation but then the author presents possible solutions and/or invites the reader to propose ways to rectify the situation.

    Now, if I always practiced what I preach…

  40. Dale says:

    Great question – great responses.
    DON’T LIKE: Rants, sarcasm, bitter tears, solipsistic nonsense. They wear me out, even if they are terrifically important and “truth” as I see it. My online reading is mostly to build me up in some way.
    LIKE: Hearing a crisp, interesting, real personality in the language; learning something about writing, blogging, and the tech side of things. I’m a teacher, too, so most of my regular reads deal with college education in some way. And I’m pushing together ideas about diaries, journals and blogs that I hope will become a course at some point — so a Q&A like this is interesting!

  41. Rachelle Chase says:

    BEAN: It appears that you DO practice what you preach at your blog. And interesting subject matter, too. Wine and beer tasting in grocery stores? Who knew! … You raise a very good point about titles and attention-getting opening lines. I know they’re important but, since I don’t subscribe to feeds, I didn’t think about it for this reason. Thanks for pointing that out.

    DALE: Hopefully, your course will be online, so we can all take it … btw, I like how the content of your blog segues nicely into your occupation, (as opposed to my all-over-the-place blog content). I especially liked the “Dorothy” story. :-)

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  43. Rachelle says:

    Thanks to all who stopped by to comment. I will draw the 3 lucky winner’s names on Wednesday afternoon. Stay tuned …

  44. Rachelle Chase says:

    AND THE WINNERS ARE… Virginia H, K. Rice, and JMB. Please email your snail mail information to me at rachelle at rachellechase dot com and I will send your book to you.

    Thanks, again, to everyone who stopped by!

  45. Weekly Digest: Lorelle in Oklahoma with Family, Heading to WordCamp Dallas, WordPress 2.5, SOBCON, and More News says:

    [...] co-speakers at the San Francisco event asked readers to share their thoughts on blogging to win a copy of my book and they had some great things to say. I’ll soon share some of my thoughts on their thoughts [...]

  46. Lorelle says:

    Congrats to the winners! What a tough decision it must have been. There have been some fantastic entries. Thanks for honoring blogging!

  47. Rachelle Chase says:

    Since the decision was, indeed, a tough one, I had to resort to drawing the winner’s names out of a hat. :-)

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  49. DamyN says:

    Really like to read humourous blogs. Would love to win the book, to learn how to blog.

  50. Rachelle Chase says:

    DAMY: Thanks for your comment but, unfortunately, this contest is over. However, there’s another one underway, which gives you an opportunity to win exotic chocolates and books: http://rachellechase.com/2008/04/20/a-pictures-worth-contest/ .

    Thanks for stopping by!

  51. CHRIS says:


  52. Rachelle Chase says:

    Hi Chris – your post was entered for the wrong contest, so I copied it to the correct one and commented on it here: http://rachellechase.com/2008/04/20/a-pictures-worth-contest/ . Thanks for entering!

  53. Faith Bicknell-Brown says:

    Hi Rachelle! The prize I won arrived the other day. Can’t wait to read your books, and the chocolate was divine (shared it with my wonderful hubby), and loved all the other li’l odds n ends included. Thank you!

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