"We're always in the
midst of a chase.

Going after a dream...

Chasing a fantasy...

And making it a

This is what I write

Life is about the chase."

~ Rachelle

April 2008 – Archive

On modeling assignments, I usually portray a business professional – like a CEO, doctor, or IT manager. Which is why I wanted to portray something different on my web site. Just once, I wanted to be feminine, do something fun.

So, during the same photo shoot that the uber-talented Scott Marrs took the shot of me draped in the sheet that you see on my site, we played around with some creative shots.

One that we tried was a “high-fashion” shot.

“Okay,” said Scott, “Give me a dead stare.” That is, a look that’s completely devoid of expression.

Apparently, it’s a look that fashion models must perfect.

And, just as apparent, it’s a look that I suck at. So, hundreds of shots later, we gave up.

“Okay. Now, think of something sad,” said Scott.

I stared off into the distance, my gaze barely noticing the netting that dipped over my eyes or the smoke spiraling up from the cigarette lightly clasped between my fingers.

“That’s it, that’s it,” he said softly, amid the whir of the camera shutter.

“That’s what?” I asked, after he’d signaled he was done.

“This is the look I was trying to get from you before.” And, as we flipped through the photos in his camera, I realized that I’d accidentally given him the expressionless look:

1. The Dead Stare

Rachelle Chase Dead Stare by Scott Marrs

2. The Noir Shot

Rachelle Chase Noir Photo by Scott Marrs

Now, I know what I was thinking in these shots. But, what do the photos say to you? Pretend that the woman is not me. Instead, she’s a character in a book you’re reading. Tell me something about her.

For example, what’s just happened to her? What is she thinking? What is she feeling? Write whatever comes to mind. Create a story or give me some dialogue, or just jot down a thought that says it all. It might take you a single sentence – or several paragraphs.


The person who leaves the response I like best will win:

PLEASE NOTE: This contest is open to any and all. You don’t have to be a writer. Perfect prose is not required.

So, please take a moment to share your thoughts – and, hopefully, you’ll win!


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