"We're always in the
midst of a chase.

Going after a dream...

Chasing a fantasy...

And making it a

This is what I write

Life is about the chase."

~ Rachelle

On modeling assignments, I usually portray a business professional – like a CEO, doctor, or IT manager. Which is why I wanted to portray something different on my web site. Just once, I wanted to be feminine, do something fun.

So, during the same photo shoot that the uber-talented Scott Marrs took the shot of me draped in the sheet that you see on my site, we played around with some creative shots.

One that we tried was a “high-fashion” shot.

“Okay,” said Scott, “Give me a dead stare.” That is, a look that’s completely devoid of expression.

Apparently, it’s a look that fashion models must perfect.

And, just as apparent, it’s a look that I suck at. So, hundreds of shots later, we gave up.

“Okay. Now, think of something sad,” said Scott.

I stared off into the distance, my gaze barely noticing the netting that dipped over my eyes or the smoke spiraling up from the cigarette lightly clasped between my fingers.

“That’s it, that’s it,” he said softly, amid the whir of the camera shutter.

“That’s what?” I asked, after he’d signaled he was done.

“This is the look I was trying to get from you before.” And, as we flipped through the photos in his camera, I realized that I’d accidentally given him the expressionless look:

1. The Dead Stare

Rachelle Chase Dead Stare by Scott Marrs

2. The Noir Shot

Rachelle Chase Noir Photo by Scott Marrs

Now, I know what I was thinking in these shots. But, what do the photos say to you? Pretend that the woman is not me. Instead, she’s a character in a book you’re reading. Tell me something about her.

For example, what’s just happened to her? What is she thinking? What is she feeling? Write whatever comes to mind. Create a story or give me some dialogue, or just jot down a thought that says it all. It might take you a single sentence – or several paragraphs.


The person who leaves the response I like best will win:

PLEASE NOTE: This contest is open to any and all. You don’t have to be a writer. Perfect prose is not required.

So, please take a moment to share your thoughts – and, hopefully, you’ll win!

55 Responses to “CONTEST: A Picture’s Worth a Handful of Words … and Books and Chocolate!”
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  3. Rachelle Chase says:

    Okay … I’ll start things off. Here are three examples that come to my mind when I look at these photos:

    Lady Sings the Blues


    Before, life had been good. Laughter. Sunlight. Love. But now … She lifted the cigarette to her lips. Those days were gone forever.


    She’s thinking about opportunities she had, but had never taken. Wrong turns she made. Past regrets.

    (and, no, I wasn’t thinking any of those things :-) )

    Okay. It’s your turn. Tell me what YOU think…

  4. Faith Bicknell-Brown says:

    Oh, how I wish I hadn’t done those things in my youth. Regardless, what’s done is done. I’ve learned so much, have grown stronger, more mature. John was such a jerk, but oh…he could kiss like there was no tomorrow. Looking back, I know I couldn’t help myself. Still, I have a beautiful child by him, and John is a fantastic father. Too bad he never grew up where women are concerned.

    And Anthony…the thought of his touch still makes my heart race and gives me that special flood of warmth in my belly. That man could talk with his eyes. All he had to do was glance at me and I was done. Lord, I hope my daughter never meets a man like him. Too much power lurks in such beautiful windows.

    But now…now I have James. He’s all of them rolled into one, except where they were lacking, James excells. Every touch, every word, every glance from him makes my heart sing and my body respond.

    Yes, those mistakes of my youth are behind me, but they are what made me the woman that I am today.

  5. Stephanie says:

    That man…Oh that man.

    I don’t know why I keep goin back to him.

    He’s got a way of confusin my mind. Yet he keeps me loving the games he plays with my heart. It keeps my mind going round and round.

    I learned my lesson when I was young, but I let myself be held within his grasp every time he calls my name or raps at my window.

    He says he’s back for the long haul, though, that remains to be seen. Promises are cheap and he’s known to hand them out like candy.
    So I’ll let myself enjoy this bittersweet time with him. Maybe this promise won’t melt away when life gets a little too hot to handle.

  6. Ali says:

    She’s been waiting, but now she realizes that she’s lost it all and she has no one to blame but herself. She bet all she had on this moment and is now left with nothing… she’s empty.

  7. Rachelle Chase says:

    FAITH: The positive spin you’ve put on this is great! The trip down memory lane, looking at the good that came out of the not-so-good experiences. ‘Anthony’ made me smile – who doesn’t have one of him in their history? Very poignant…

    STEPHANIE: That man…Oh that man. says it all. The emotion that you evoke, of her falling for his game one more time, even though she knows she shouldn’t, is very strong. Very evocative…

    ALI: Through she seems to have hit rockbottom, it’s great that she does not feel like a victim. Though she’s empty, the fact that she’s taken responsibility for what’s happening makes me think that she might pull out of it. Very redemptive…

    Goodness, I already see that it’s going to be near impossible to pick a single winner! Thanks for taking the time to post such compelling responses. Great job!

  8. Faith Bicknell-Brown says:

    LOL, very cool! Glad you like my entry.

  9. Little Lamb Lost says:

    Funnily enough, I imagine that you/the character are looking at a photo of a lover and thinking bits to herself and to her man:

    Chicken soup might be good for many things but there are times in life when the only things which can reach you deep are chocolate, coffee and cigarettes.

    Honey, some habits are hard to break. I guess that’s why I never gave up you.

    ‘Course, I might well turn over a new leaf…or at least kick these.

    *smiles wryly and stubs out cigarette*

  10. Rachelle Chase says:

    LITTLE LAMB LOST: It’s interesting that you mention her kicking the cigarettes and keeping him – in SIN CLUB, my hero struggles to give up women and cigarettes, too. LOL That’s a great line about chocolate, coffee, and cigarettes reach[ing] you deep. And I can really feel the irony underlying your words. Very amusing…

    Another great job! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Caffey says:

    These pics are fab Rachelle!

    I’m looking at them and I’m thinking along the lines for the first one to the second one:

    She’s watching you, you don’t know it, unless you catch the scent of her cigarette, you’ll then know its her. She wants to be caught to be seen. He knows her brand and the blend Then its like he left, never realized she was there or refused to acknowledge her. She’s digesting that she’s wasn’t recognized. She’s so alone and down on herself.

  12. Rachelle Chase says:

    CAFFEY: Thanks for the compliment. Scott Marrs does great work! … You’re not supposed to be writing about my real experiences. LOL Before my 2008 New Year’s Resolution, hoping someone would know that I was interested in them via ESP seemed to be my modus operandi :-)

    Seriously, the use of the cigarette as her signature scent, so to speak, is quite original. As is your whole scenario. Plus, the desire to be acknowledged, followed by the resulting disappointment, is palpable. Very creative…

    I sound like a broken record here, but, great job! Thanks for sharing your story!

  13. Barbara Craig says:

    I wonder—will I ever see him again? Perhaps I should have asked for his name before we parted company, but his parents didn’t seem to like him talking to me at all and mine seemed just as upset. Oh! But those eyes! I could spend the rest of my life looking into those deep brown eyes! If only I got his name….

    Hmm…..I guess if it was meant to be our paths will cross again. I wonder if he is thinking about me the way I am thinking about him?

    He was wearing a uniform. I hope he hasn’t been called to war.

  14. Faith Bicknell-Brown says:

    (Based on the noir pic)

    She stood in the darkened doorway, her hat pulled low over her eyes, a lit cigarette between her fingers. The coffin nail’s end glowed ruby red, an ember from Hell. The woman watched the passersby flow up and down the street like the tide, their chatter growing in crecendo only to fade into mild white noise.

    Marissa watched her from the shadows. She’d trailed the Immortal from one corner of the Earth to the other, waiting, biding her time. Thoughts of Dane crowded into her mind, but she shoved them away. She couldn’t think about Dane, couldn’t bear the pain that doing so caused. Once Marissa settled the score with the beast across the way, then and only then would she allow herself to grieve.

    The woman shifted, her head tipping up slightly, the light of a neon shingle catching the wet redness of her full, ripe lips. Marissa tensed, waiting for the Immortal to choose her prey.

    At the corner, a man stepped out of a brothel. The woman emerged from the gloom. She crossed the street, the passersby oblivious her presensce. Surprise registerd on the unwary fellow’s face as the Immortal suddenly appeared at his side. Within seconds, she’d bewitched him and led him back to the inky doorway.

    No one heard his cries or saw his fleeting struggle except for Marissa. Guilt settled over her, its weight damning, the taste of it thick in her mouth. She wanted to help him, to save him, but she knew she was still too weak to battle an Immortal. Just a few more days and her own magic would be full strength again.

    Yes, just a few more days…and when her magic returned, God help any Immortal that stepped in her path.

  15. Caffey says:

    Oops, I just wrote what came to me Rachelle and had fun doing it. And too reading the others here!

  16. Roben Rasheed-Hernandez says:

    The Dead Stare

    A young, giggling couple sat at a romantic table for two, just seconds from her reach. Although she tried to keep her stare anywhere, but on them, she couldn’t. The evitable glance at the lovers began to fill her soul with regret. Regrets for the many mistakes she’d made in the past. Regrets for not taking a chance to believe in a life better than what she could imagine. Regrets for letting him get away. She tried to lift the quickly burning cigarette to her lips for a long, nonchalant puff. It was nearly impossible. Her hand had frozen in place, much like her heart — regret.

    The Noir Shot

    At first, I wanted to run. No, change that. I wanted to run and hide. What was I about do after months of hoping to catch her in this exact place and time? Would she recognize me or even care? My feet began to feel numb, but I kept moving. As I got closer, her cigarette’s smoke swirled around me, luring me closer, much like a cartoon character that is lifted from the ground when inhaling something sweet.

    I wasn’t sure I could trust her. She looked evil and menacing — unfeeling. Yet, she was a mystery I had to solve. Had she actually had that hard a life? Were the rumors about her nocturnal escapades true? Would she understand what I needed to know, would die to know? Is she my mother?

  17. RachelleChase says:

    Hmmm. I didn’t really think about each person submitting one entry per photo. Oh, heck, I’ll allow it. :-)

    BARBARA: Now, I, too, am disappointed that she didn’t get his name! I feel that he is going to haunt her for a l-o-n-g time. That’s great the way you snuck in his parents to give the clue that she is young. Very romantic…

    FAITH: A paranormal angle did not even occur to me! An Immortal, a brothel, danger, death, and intrigue. That’s great how you portrayed all that in a few paragraphs. And I can’t believe you left us hanging like that. :-) Very mysterious…

    ROBEN: Ah, yes, nothing like young lovers to send one on a trip down memory lane. The repeated use of regrets to tie in her thoughts was impactful … In the second one, seeing the woman through the possible daughter’s eyes was great! I can feel her anxiety as she wonders if that’s her mother – and her indecision as to whether or not she really wants to know. Very emotional…

    I LOVE how you all have crafted different stories from the same photos. I’ve enjoyed ALL of them. This is such fun! Thank you!!

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  19. limecello says:

    Oh I love these photos, Rachelle!
    The first is really sad an pensive – there’s a really thoughtful and removed quality about it. Like you’re thinking about someone who is away [at war] – or in a dangerous situation. Or got bad news, and just trying to cope with it by… blanking. It’s like she’s so deep in her thoughts, and removed from her body that’s she forgotten the cigarette between her fingers.
    The second – to me, has a *totally* different vibe. This is the “I’m going to get you.” one. It says “You can run, but you can’t hide. I will find you, stomp all over you, and end you.” Like you or your family/friend was somehow wronged, and the culprit better start moving. Yesterday.

  20. RachelleChase says:

    Thank you, Limecello. :-)

    You made a great distinction between the two photos, pinpointing the different vibes – the melancholy in the first, the kickass toughness in the second. Yeah, the culprit better start moving. :-) Very provocative…

  21. Rodney says:

    It is 1931. Her husband is away on a business trip for a couple days. And she has just spent the night with another man. Now, the next day, while waiting for her girlfriend to show up for a lunch date, she searches her heart for the guilt and regret her societal mores dictate should follow.

    Finding none, and, in fact, while actually feeling euphoric over her incredible night, she decides that she will not let anyone make her feel guilty for what she’s done. She feels betrayed by what she thought she would feel, and therefore, resolves to never feel anything different than pride.

    She is empowered.

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  23. Gayle O says:

    These pictures are very sad and lonely. In the first picture, I see a lot of pain. She seems to have suffered a great tragedy. She has lost everything she holds dear and has nothing left. The second one she is utterly beaten. She seems to say, go ahead, everyone else has and you can’t hurt me any worse. I visualize a downtrodden streetwalker waiting for what comes next and not caring.

  24. Rachelle Chase says:

    RODNEY: You have taken a very unique approach! I am very curious to know why she does not feel guilty, what has prompted her to spend the night with another man. She feels betrayed by what she thought she would feel… is a great line. Very intriguing…

    GAYLE: A downtrodden streetwalker had not even occurred to me. And the fact that she seems to have given up on everything makes me wonder what everyone has done to her to make her feel so bleak. Very raw…

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  26. Carol Thompson says:

    The eyes draw me in and they don’t tell a story they just leave an impression.

    Somewhat sad after a lifetime that has held much anguish and sorry.

    Watchfull as if she has learned not to trust

    Distant as if getting close to somebody would just be too painfull to experience again.

    And lastly just a hint of innocence as if she was only a single digit in age and longing for someone to provide a sturdy shoulder and that safe haven of an enveloping and loving pair of arms.

  27. Virginia H. says:

    I see a women that just lost her beloved husband. She is thinking life is not going to be the same and her life is over. She doesn’t know what is ahead and is not sure what she is going to do without him. She is lost to the world.

  28. Rachelle Chase says:

    CAROL: What a great line – …longing for someone to provide a sturdy shoulder and that safe haven of an enveloping and loving pair of arms. It makes ME sigh with longing. :-) Very moving…

    VIRGINIA: Yes, death can definitely make one feel lost, like life is over. I’m honored that you saw such pain in those photos. Very sad…

    ALL: You have all posted fantastic entries, each expressing different thoughts. This has been great fun for me!! So, thank you!

    Though it’s going to be really tough to choose, I guess I must. So, I’ll be selecting the winner on Friday, May 16th.

  29. Rachelle says:

    Okay, I’m running a bit behind schedule (again!). Since I’m in the midst of a deadline and didn’t make it to pick up chocolates and the chocolate book last week, I’ve extended the deadline until this Friday. And look for some new posts, soon … Off to buy chocolates. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. :-)

  30. shelley says:

    why do we women live with such regret? I’ve just come back from an idealic week of romance with my perfect someone who made me feel like I was 20 years younger. More vibrant, more passionate, more alive. Now I’m returning to my old life to face a successful husband who works all the time and looks,no expects, a trophy wife. One who will always boost his career. If only I had the courage to stay on that island, to continue to live those passionate nighs with the one man who has ever made me feel like a woman first, not a support system.Do I have it in me to turn this plane around and live my life for me – just once more. Maybe I don’t ever have to go back. He said he would wait for me every evening by the shore. Should I go back? Can I now go forward?

  31. Maureen says:

    I like the second picture a lot. She is got a look that says she is just expecting something bad to happen. She is the heroine who has been knocked down by circumstances but she doesn’t give up.

  32. Bretta Thompson says:

    Ok, here is what I see in your eyes:

    Trust? That’s funny, ironic actually. That is exactly what I thought I had put in you. Trust. You never should have promised me so many dreams. You never should have told me what I wanted to hear on those dark,passionate nights when I was lying in your arms. Your words were full of everything I despise. Lies. Pain. Sin. Broken promises.
    As I stand here watching your lifeless body being taken to your final resting place I have a flicker of sadness. Not for you though. It’s for your wife. For the other women you lied to. Lied about.
    Trust? Darling really. You never should have trusted me. Never make a promise you cannot keep. You might not live to regret it.

  33. Crystal B says:

    I swore to myself I wouldn’t do this again. Following him home and watching him with his picture perfect family was just adding to the torture. Every time he calls, I am weak and meet him where ever he wants. Afterward I feel dirty and alone but I can’t seem to resist him. I know we have no future. A judge and a blues singer just don’t fit.

  34. Rachelle Chase says:

    SHELLEY: Do let me know when that book comes out, cuz I want to read it. Can’t believe you left me hanging like that. LOL Very emotional…

    MAUREEN: It’s great that she’s not going to give up, despite the hard life she’s had. Very inspiring…

    BRETTA: The twists and turns you packed in that snippet were great. She feels betrayed, then the funeral, then the wife, then you leave me wondering if she killed him. Very dark…

    CRYSTAL: Her pain is palpable and I can feel her self-loathing. The judge and a blues singer caught me by surprise – in a great way. :-) Very despairing…

  35. Brandi James says:

    1. The last person has left the funeral home. She walks toward the smoking room, not wanting to return home just yet. Someone calls out her name and she turns. It’s their lawyer and her husband’s partner…was her husband’s partner. He suggests they stop for a drink to calm her. He’ll drive her home.
    She lights up her cigarette, but doesn’t take another puff. She’s aware of the smoke curling up in front of her face. She’s aware of the smooth sound of his voice. She’s aware of his plastic smile. She’s aware he
    is hitting on her. Her only thought is she’d like to see him in that open coffin in the next room instead of her most precious husband.

    2. She dresses methodically, placing the hat on her head and adjusts the veil. She reaches for her jacket knowing the funeral home’s car will be there any minute. She turns back to the mirror, but doesn’t see her reflexion. She sees nothing. She hears nothing. She feels nothing except the emptiness that is now who she is. There is nothing left of value, nothing to wake up for, nothing to yearn for. He’s gone – wiped out by a drunk driver. And she knows she’s gone too, but she has to keep on living even though…what’s the point?

  36. Michelle Lauren says:

    To me, the “Dead Stare” pictures a jilted lover on the verge of breaking down. The cigarette in her hands is an afterthought, something she probably lit and then holds while it slowly burns down as she ponders how to move past her ex…or how to get revenge.

    The “Noir Shot” is pulp fiction, a woman on the outside of society looking in. The downcast expression in her eyes, as well as the way her hand touches the side of her face, elicit a feeling that she desperately wants to join whoever she’s watching but something is holding her back.

    Warm regards,
    Michelle Lauren

  37. Penny says:

    So, that’s her–his wife, I thought, as I lit another cigarette. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. It was one thing to know he was married, quite another to see her in the flesh. How much are we alike? How are we different? What drew him to me? I studied her every move until she left the restaurant. Guilt? No. Sadness. I couldn’t imagine him in another life before this moment.

  38. michelle clark says:

    great pictures. looks like one of the old black and white film photos. you should use it on one of your next book covers.

  39. Patricia, aka Brandi James says:

    I realized too late that I am “registered” on your mailing list as Patricia. I entered this contest as Brandi James, the name by which I write. Sorry…NOT! LOL!!!
    p.s. Loved your books, loved taking online classes with you…You are “hot”, girlfriend!

  40. Kimmy Lane says:

    She felt her nerves tighten more and more, like strings on winding pegs. She felt her eyes open wider and wider, her fingers and toes moving nervously; something inside her stopped her breath. She kept having moments of doubt. It was frightening to surrender herself to this oblivion. But something was keepingher there. Why can’t she just leave? Why does he have to play these games? He knows I love him and yet he acts as if I’m nothing more than his whore. Why?

  41. Lynn G. says:

    Empty. So damn empty. She didn’t know you could still be living,breathing with so little left in your soul. Her sponsor said it was just a matter of time before she started to feel normal again. Normal? What was that? How long had it been since her life had been normal anyway? Before the race,before the fame, the crowds, the adulation,had that been normal? Hell if she knew anymore. All she knew was that nothing would ever be the same without Jimmy. Just the idea of life minus the thrill of his excitement, the power of his personality,the scorching passion that had been hers alone, made her grief yawn before her again, but she visciously fought it back with another deep drag of her Marlboro light.

    No matter what though,she would not give into the temptation of the doctor’s pills or the temporary oblivion brought about courtesy of a bottle of Tanqueray. She would honor the struggles they had gone through with all of that, if it was the last thing she’d do.

    God, she prayed, please,please grant me the serenity to accept this loss,the courage to face it the best I can, and the wisdom to know I can’t change it, no matter how much I’d like to.

    The relief brought by the familiar words was marginal at best. She inhaled deeply from the cigarette again. Maybe after repeating them oh,say another 4,999 times she’d begin to feel “normal” again. As Jimmy would have said, there’s always hope around the next corner. Now she just had to believe it,or at least act as if until it started to feel that way. But Jesus it hurt.

  42. Mindy Gerhart says:

    The “Dead” stare reminds of an old gangster type film. The dame (Jade) is asking Johnny why he had to pull that last job, He could have just walked away. She’s resigned to her memories of when Johnny and she were just starting out and living high.

    The noir shot makes me think of Shug having an affair of the heart for Rick the hard boiled cop. Shug has just seen something happen she shouldn’t have at the Cotton Club and Rick is trying to squeeze her for information to put her boss Big Mac away for life.
    She want’s to trust Rick but is afraid of reprisal if anything goes wrong.

  43. Lynn G. says:

    what the-?! I made a point not to read through everyone else’s so that my ideas would be my own,yet now going back I see the similarities between Brandi’s words and mine. I didn’t swipe them, honest!

  44. Lynn G. says:

    Funny how the idea of “emptiness” is so repetitive here…

  45. Peggy J says:

    I believe she’s thinking about a long lost love, and maybe how to get him back, and what might have cost the break up.Usually when a cigarette is involved and a look like that it’s intense.

  46. Monica Pulliam says:

    I wish I had, had more time with you to express how much you have meant to me and that I will love you forever.

    But, maybe you will hear it in my prayers.

  47. Rachelle Chase says:

    BRANDI aka PATRICIA: How nice to “see” you! So glad to hear you liked my work — and the class. And thanks so much for the compliment! You rock. :-) … Well, you’ve definitely set the mood with the emphasis on her feeling nothing and empty. I think I’ll go slash my wrists, now. LOL Both are very depressing (in a good way!)…

    MICHELLE LAUREN: Ooo. The revenge part really caught my attention, as did the desperately wants to join part. It makes me wonder what, indeed, she is watching – and encourage her to step away from the sidelines. Very lonely…

    PENNY: That’s great the way you made her almost curious. Or, perhaps the reality of what she’s seeing hasn’t hit her yet, and she’s in a state of shock? Very speculative…

    MICHELLE CLARK: Thank you, Michelle. Yeah, I thought of those old B&W films, too. A book cover would be nice. A kind of retro cigarette advertisement also came to mind.

  48. Rachelle Chase says:

    KIMMY: The turmoil swirling around inside her is great. And my stomach clenched when I learned he treats her like his whore. How dare he! Very tumultuous…

    LYNN: Not to worry – yours does not sound like Brandi’s. And while there are numerous entries with the “empty” theme, I think everyone’s “voice” makes them sound different. At any rate, it’s great the way you wove in the subtle attention-getters that caught me by surprise, i.e., her fame, the temptation of the pills. Very angst-y…

    MINDY: The gangster angle is great! I can’t believe that did not even occur to me, as it’s so obvious, now that you mention it. :-) I can see them in their old, spit-shined Fords. Very nostalgic…

    PEGGY: Ahhh, a long lost love. Makes me wonder what the odds are that she has a chance to get him back – and the maybe makes me wonder if she really wants him. Very forlorn…

    MONICA: Regrets. What a terrible thing to live with. I don’t get the feeling that her prayers are bringing her much comfort. Very sorrowful…

  49. tami says:

    i love both photos. i feel so sad looking at the first photo and the 2nd one is like, i took alot but i can take more

  50. Rachelle Chase says:

    This is from “Chris,” who posted an entry on the wrong blog item. I just wanted to post it here, so it could be considered …


    CHRIS: Oh, calling him an orgasm giving lover in your life is great! :-) Love it. I must remember that one. And I’m truly pleased the photo touched you.

  51. Rachelle Chase says:

    TAMI Thanks so much, Tami. To be honest, I was a bit amazed to see that the sadness came through on that first one. And I like the fact that you saw strength in the second one.

  52. Rachelle Chase says:


    First off, I want to thank ALL of you for making the time to stop by and share your thoughts! I have REALLY enjoyed reading your posts and learning what the images say to you.

    I just wish I could pick all of you!! I really do. But since I can’t :-( … well, I am going to bend the rules and choose TWO, so:

    WINNER #1: BRETTA THOMPSON As I mentioned, I like the twists you packed into that short paragraph. You made me wonder what was really going on with her and I could feel anger and disdain simmering within her. Plus, it felt mysterious and sinister. So, congratulations, Bretta! Please email me your mailing address.

    BONUS WINNER #2: FAITH BICKNELL-BROWN I don’t read much paranormal, so a paranormal angle to these photos never crossed my mind. Very original, Faith. And yours, just like Bretta’s, makes me want to read more. Please email me your mailing address, and I’ll send you a box of chocolates and autographed books.

    Thank you, all, once again! I loved this contest – what fun!!

  53. Faith Bicknell-Brown says:

    Woot! I’ve been reading this blog and enjoying the competition, so I’m so THRILLED to be a winner! Thank you so much, Rachelle!!!

  54. Bretta Thompson says:

    Thank you so much Rachelle! I cannot believe I won! Congrats to Faith also! What a great way to start my holiday weekend!!!
    Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

  55. Rachelle says:

    Goodness! So sorry for the delay in responding – somehow, I missed the “pings” that let me know there are comments. At any rate, you’re both very welcome! I hope that, by now, you’ve received your prizes …

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