"We're always in the
midst of a chase.

Going after a dream...

Chasing a fantasy...

And making it a

This is what I write

Life is about the chase."

~ Rachelle

October 2008 – Archive

Leigh and Rachelle at American Gothic HouseYep, that’s right. It’s time for my annual trip to Ottumwa, IA to visit Leigh Michaels. We’ll be working on a new, exciting project, plus putting the finishing touches on the “Chase the Dream” Contest for writers.

(The picture to the left is of us posing in front of the house Grant Wood used in his famous painting, American Gothic, in Eldon, IA).

Here are some fun highlights from last year’s trip…

After lunching at Highway Restaurant in Albia, IA, we discovered the parking lot full of tractors. We met a friendly group of guys on a tractor ride — same thing as guys going out on a motorcyle ride, except s-l-o-w-e-r.

Tractor Lineup in Albia
Tractor Lineup in Albia

Oh, darn. Just discovered I missed this year’s square-dancing tractor performance.

My mouth dropped open when I saw the sign below. $5.00? Know how many $45 parking tickets I’ve gotten in San Francisco?! Made me want to get one just to see if they were telling the truth.

Parking Sign in Burlington, IA
Parking Sign in Burlington, IA

And, being an erotic romance writer, I had a good chuckle at this one:

Kum N Go Station in Ottumwa, IA
Kum N Go Station in Ottumwa, IA

OMG, I just noticed those gas prices. Now, that’s enough to make me weep!

Well, off to get stuff done before my flight. Stay tuned for exciting photos from this year’s trip. :-)


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