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midst of a chase.

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Chasing a fantasy...

And making it a

This is what I write

Life is about the chase."

~ Rachelle

As I mentioned elsewhere on my site, Susan Lyons appears in the MEN ON FIRE anthology, along with Jodi Lynn Copeland and I. Well, when I was at the RWA National conference in July, I tracked Susan down and begged her to let me interview her. And she did!

Not only is she a wonderful and talented writer, she’s a super nice person. So, check out the interview below. And don’t forget to pre-order MEN ON FIRE by visiting my books page. It’ll be out on October 27, 2009!

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26 Responses to “Interview with Susan Lyons on MEN ON FIRE”
  1. Rachelle says:

    It was fun recording that video — I learned a lot about Susan that I never knew! … And I’m dying to know more about that firefighter calendar competition. Sounds titillating. Tell us more, Susan… ;-)

  2. Susan Lyons says:

    Hi Rachelle, and thanks so much for doing this video. It was great seeing you at RWA National and having a chance to talk. Those events are always so frantic (but great), aren’t they?

    Ah, the firefighter calendar competition… Well, we all know about those wonderful firefighter calendars, don’t we? (In fact, I just picked up a couple and I’m giving one away as a contest prize at my website.) Did you ever wonder how they pick those gorgeous hotties for the photos? One of the methods – and the one I think is by FAR the most fun – is to have a competition where the guys go on stage and strut their stuff.

    I’ve never seen one of these, but as you know we writers have rich fantasy lives. LOL. So I created one, for my Aphrodisia book HOT IN HERE. The journalist heroine Jenny wins herself the assignment of covering the competition – and she wins herself another prize! Mr. February, the hottest of the hot guys, the man who can make all her fantasies come true. (Too bad Scott’s a white guy, which is taboo for her traditional Chinese family. So what’s she going to do when she starts to fall for a man she can’t take home to her parents?)

    You know, firefighters usually sell their calendars to benefit great charities. Don’t you think it would be an even better fundraiser to have a calendar competition? I can’t understand why more fire departments don’t do it. I’d sure be there! Wouldn’t you?

    I have to say, writing about the “Raining Men” bachelor auction in our MEN ON FIRE anthology was huge fun also. As well as creating all those sexy guys – and especially the super-hot Quinn O’Malley – I also created a signature drink for the event. It’s pink and frothy and packs a punch! The recipe’s on my website, for a day when you need a special treat.

    Thanks again for making the video, Rachelle, and posting it here. Now, as the lady said, we’d love it if everyone would pre-order our book!

  3. Rachelle says:

    Oh, I love your idea for the calendar competition — and the premise for HOT IN HERE! Yes, count me in. :-D

    I attended a firefighter auction this summer (oh, the joys of research) and boy did the bidding get frenzied. The chiropractor firefighter was the biggest draw — the winning bid for a “date” with him was $1,000+.

    Now, I’m off to your web site to check out the calendar and the yummy drink…

    Thanks so much for the interview — and for stopping by to chat!

  4. Susan Lyons says:

    A chiropractor firefighter? Gee, the only thing better than that would be a masseur firefighter – but then, most chiros are also pretty good at massage. That\’s one of the many cool things about firefighters: because of the weird shifts they work, they usually have another job or serious interest. Multi-talented guys!

    I so envy you the auction experience…

  5. Beth Re says:

    The book sounds great rent a fiance

  6. Susan Lyons says:

    Hi Beth Re — yes, would that it were so easy! Of course, for my heroine Jade, it proves not so easy after all, but that\’s the fun of a romance. The reader knows there will be a happy ending, and the fun\’s in seeing how the heroine and hero get there.

  7. Sue A. says:

    Hi Rachel I already knew Susan was a super nice person, and thanks for putting a voice to the face I already knew.

    Susan if you hadn’t become a writer you could have done radio or other voice work. You’re a pleasure to listen to!

    Men of Fire sounds great! Congratulations!

  8. Susan Lyons says:

    Hi there, Sue! Thanks for your kind compliments.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I went to the author signing at the RWA conference, 500 authors signing books simultaneously was the best :)

  10. Susan Lyons says:

    Yes, isn’t that amazing, Stephanie? And all proceeds go to literacy.

  11. Rachelle says:

    Beth, that’d be a neat service to find in real life, too. :-)

    Sue, glad you got a chance to “meet” Susan. Well … we think MEN ON FIRE is a great book. :-D

    Stephanie, it is a great experience, isn’t it? Ever since my first book come out, I usually sign at the signing but last year I got to attend as a reader and visit everyone and buy books. I loved it!

  12. Rachelle says:

    Susan’s comments on a firefighter’s other occupation brings a thought to mind … though my story in MEN ON FIRE isn’t about firefighting, I interviewed several firefighters to get the inside scoop on the life, inside and outside the firehouse. The toll their job can take on their personal relationships, emotional state, as well as their attitude about life and the job, etc. was very, VERY interesting.

    I’d really like to write a book that deals with the serious side – and sometimes darker side – of being a firefighter.

    One day …

  13. Susan Lyons says:

    I’ve done that twice, Rachelle – dealt with the darker side. I did it in HOT IN HERE, when the heroine was trying to keep their relationship very fun and casual (knowing her traditional Chinese family would never approve of her dating a white guy), and one night the hero stood her up because they’d had a really nasty death that day. It was the first time she really had to deal with her feelings for him, and while it was tough for both of them to go through, it brought them closer.

    And in “Too Hot to Handle” in MEN ON FIRE, his job really is the issue between them. Jade almost lost her dad, a cop, to an on-the-job shooting, and after that he took a safe job. She’s all about avoiding risk. Her firefighter hero Quinn lost his family to fire when he was a kid, and he’s out to defeat it and rescue as many people as he possibly can, which makes him a bit of a hotshot. Of course there are lessons for both Jade and Quinn to learn during the course of the story, and I did enjoy taking on the darker side of the job.

  14. Rachelle Chase says:

    And you’ve done that really well, Susan. Sorry I wasn’t specific — I meant I wanted to do a darker story that was not romance. Maybe even Dean Koontz-ish. :-D

  15. Carolyn says:

    Always love to have a face and personality to put with an author’s name. Look forward to reading this book. It sounds great. Congratulations all.


  16. Gina Leuci says:

    What a great interview and love the theme of the book. As an author and the wife of a firefighter, I love all books about my own personal hero. I look forward to reading MEN ON FIRE.

    Keep up the great job, ladies.

    Gina Leuci

  17. Amy s. says:

    Men on Fire sounds great! I love reading about firefighters. Yum. Congrats on the release tomorrow!

  18. Tracy Lendyok says:

    That was a great interview!! Still can’t wait for the book!! They are too few and too far between!! Write faster!! lol:)

  19. Susan Lyons says:

    Thanks, Carolyn, Amy and Tracy. Gina, you know we’re all envious of you, right? I’m still waiting to get my author copies so I haven’t actually seen this book yet. I’m dying to get it, too!

  20. annalisa says:

    I really enjoyed the interview. Men on Fire sounds like a wonderful hot read! Absolutely love the cover! :)

  21. Rachelle Chase says:

    Carolyn and Amy, thank you. If you do decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

    Gina, ditto what Susan said, you lucky woman! :-) And congratulations on your upcoming 2010 release!

    Tracy, aw shucks, flattery will get you everywhere. (LOL) Thank you! I’m working on getting books in print faster…

    Annalisa, yes, the cover gods blessed us, didn’t they? Thank you for noticing. Actually, I’ve been pretty pleased with all my Kensington covers.

  22. Beverly G says:

    what anotehr interestinga nd fun viedo ineverheard of her till now so thank you for sharing and wow what a smoken hot cover and i agree i wanna know more about taht calander

  23. Rachelle Chase says:

    Beverly, glad I could introduce you to Susan. I know you’ll enjoy her writing, too. Oh yeah, that cover … :-D

  24. Susan Lyons says:

    Hi Beverly. I’m glad you’ve now heard of me. LOL. Check out my website at http://www.susanlyons.ca. There are lots of other great covers, book excerpts, behind the scenes notes, and so on.

  25. Rachelle Chase says:

    Stephanie, you won a copy of MEN ON FIRE. Please email me your mailing address and I will get that out to you. Congrats! And thanks to everyone who entered…

  26. Susan Lyons says:

    Congratulations, Stephanie! I hope you love our book.

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