Since Hot Dreams, book one in my sexy series featuring male dancers, is days away from release, I had to see “Magic Mike XXL.” Purely for “research,” of course. Here are the some of the things I liked about it.

1. The guys have heart
Since the emphasis was not on relationships this time around, this could have been like the book Take it Off: The Naked Truth About Male Strippers, which features two guys who “love” women and thus must have sex with every good-looking one they meet.

But, thank God, it wasn’t.

In fact, there’s only one hook-up, which has a cute purpose (not going to spoil it) and you don’t even see it. What you do see is vulnerability, in a guy way, between guys who seem to genuinely care for each other and respect women. Loved the scene where the guys challenge a nervous Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello) to make a surly convenience store worker smile. He nails it with sexy moves, a bag of Cheetos, and a bottle of water. Sexy, funny, and sweet all rolled into one.

2. Constant eye-candy
While there was less dancing than I expected, my Lust Fest was in full effect in every scene. Whether sitting and talking, standing and talking, or saying nothing, the guys looked great. A couple times, I had to remind myself they actually were talking. Then I closed my mouth, dabbed away the drool, and listened.

3. African American connection
Loved the fact that my peeps were included. Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith) runs an upscale, subscription-based private erotic dance club that caters to African American women. Hip-hop dancer Stephen “tWitch” Boss and NFL-star-turned-TV-talk-show-host, Michael Strahan, give panty-melting dance performances, while Donald Glover raps sweetly to make shy women feel special and worshipped. Okay. So my only question is: Does a club like this really exist for women and where do I sign up?

4. No clichéd firefighter or cop dance routines
There’s a great scene where Mike (Channing Tatum) asks Big Dick if he ever wanted to be a firefighter or even likes the song he dances to, to which BD says no to both. Mike then challenges the guys to do something different, to come up with something they feel passionate about. And they do. And it shows. Some of the dance routines in Magic Mike XXL seem aimed at what women might actually want. Perhaps that was helped by assistant choreographer, Teresa Espinosa?

5. Older women rock
Surprisingly, other than Zoe (Amber Heard), who’s the closest thing to a love interest in the movie, the lead women are older, closer to my age (though not quite as ancient). Niiiice. Jada Pinkett Smith, looking gorgeous, plays a love interest from Mike’s past, and Andie MacDowell ends up being the only one in recent history who “fits” Joe (a cute, LOL moment). Go, guuurls!!

All in all, a fun, enjoyable summer movie that I just might have to see again. And I agree with @DinoRay – where’s Magic Mike 3?

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