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Lost Buxton CoverThrough vintage photos and quotes by former residents and newspaper articles, LOST BUXTON tells the story of Buxton, Iowa, an unincorporated coal mining town established by Consolidation Coal Company in 1900.

At a time when Jim Crow laws and segregation kept blacks and whites separated throughout the nation, Buxton was integrated. African American and Caucasian residents lived, worked, and went to school side by side. The company provided miners with equal housing and equal pay, regardless of race, and offered opportunities for African Americans beyond mining. Professional African Americans included a bank cashier, justices of the peace, constables, doctors, attorneys, store clerks, and teachers. Businesses such as meat markets, drugstores, a bakery, a music store, hotels, millinery shops, saloons, and restaurants were owned by African Americans.

For 10 years, African Americans made up more than half the population. Unfortunately, in the early 1920s, the mines closed and today, only a cemetery, a few foundations, and some crumbling ruins remain.


“Rachelle Chase has done a masterful job with this volume, ‘Lost Buxton’, to create a much needed photographic history on the community.”

Leo Landis, State Curator, State Historical Society of Iowa



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Hot Dreams Front Cover

Is it better to live out the best fantasy of your life, knowing it will end, than not to have had it at all?

Born with a port-wine stain birthmark covering part of her face, then the victim of a cruel joke the night her daughter Brianna was conceived, Tina Edwards is done with romantic fantasies. Caring for nine-year-old Brianna and running her business, Plants Alive, are all she needs.

Until she enters Hot Dreams—a male entertainment company that caters to women. As she stares at the photos dotting CEO Johnny Guerra’s desk, she can’t help but wonder and fantasize about what the real Johnny is like.

But thirteen years ago, the “real” Johnny died when he caused the death of his wife and unborn child. Now, he prefers to be viewed—and to view a woman—as an object. Until he meets Tina and accepts her challenge for a performance like no other.

One simple dance . . . one simple fantasy . . . and unexpected consequences force them to confront the one real thing they’ve been hiding from: Love. Read more


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Night after night, Dr. “Love” urges listeners of his popular radio show, The Sin Club, to ‘sin’ – that is, to break the rules holding them back and go after what they want . . . what they need . . . what they truly desire . . . Read more

The Sin Club Book 3

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Sex Lounge CoverA woman who hides behind fantasy

Manager Nichole Simms projects professionalism and poise at San Francisco’s Talentz talent agency. But a more daring Nichole pens wild, sexually-explicit fantasies in a private notebook.

A man who lives firmly in reality

Famous chaise designer Derek Mitchell is all about business, with no time or interest in fantasy. Until he finds Nichole’s secret book—and discovers he’s the star.

A book that turns fantasy into reality

Derek shows Nichole the pleasure of living the words, instead of writing them. But each sizzling kiss and scorching caress leads them to deeper—and more decadent—desires that neither knew they possessed. Read more


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menonfirecoverBrave, bold, and dangerously sexy, firefighters are every woman’s fantasy.

Meet three hot heroes in three different novellas who take scorching desire to a whole new level. . .

The Firefighter Wears Prada

When fashion designer Delta Ballantyne asks firefighter Evan Marshall to model her sexy line of men’s underwear, she can’t stop the sizzling fantasies running through her mind, beginning with sophisticated foreplay…and ending with the ultimate climax . . . Read more


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Secrets Volume 13 In "Out of Control," Astrid Thomas's world revolves around her business, Eventures, which is why she's hoping to pick up wealthy Erik Santos as a new client.

Only Erik is hoping to pick up something entirely different: A weekend trophy wife.

Will Astrid give in to seductive pull of Erik's proposition and do something she's never done before – be Out of Control for 48 hours? Read more

Dreams & Desires 2

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Dreams and Desires 2True love, freedom, money, danger…Dreams and desires of the ordinary woman, or man.

“To Kill a Thief” is just one of nineteen stories celebrating the attainment of all one can dream or desire.

By purchasing this collection, you can help turn someone’s nightmare into the pursuit of dreams.

All net proceeds from every “Dreams and Desires” anthology purchased will go to a battered woman’s shelter. Read more

Dreams & Desires 1

Available at Amazon or Freya’s Bower.

dreamsanddesires1Romance For One” is one of nineteen short stories featured this anthology.

All of the stories, editing, and cover art were donated to make this anthology possible.

All net proceeds from the sale of this book are set to go directly to a battered woman’s shelter in Florida.

Thus, neither the authors nor the publisher will make a profit from the sale of this book. Read more