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dreamsanddesires1True love, freedom, money, knowledge, revenge… Dreams and desires of the ordinary woman, or man. From best friends who discover love to a bank teller who exacts revenge to a succubus who loves art more than men, this collection of nineteen stories celebrates the attainment of all one can dream or desire. Which one do you secretly yearn for?

By purchasing this collection, you can help turn someone's nightmare into the pursuit of dreams. Every year, four million women are assaulted by their partners. Freya's Bower and all the authors want to do our part to bring this statistic down to zero. To this end, all net proceeds from every DREAMS & DESIRES anthology purchased will go to a battered woman's shelter. Through education and support, we can make a difference.


"DREAMS AND DESIRES is sure to be a hit . . . a welcome addition to anyone’s reading collection… this anthology serves up something for everyone . . ."
~4.5 Clovers, Anne, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

"From the first story to the last, these stories are filled with hope, love, and the promise of the future . . . I highly recommend DREAMS & DESIRES for those of you who cherish your romances . . . a fantastic read . . ."
~Rose, Romance At Heart

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~Zoë Knighton, Sensual Reads

"DREAMS AND DESIRES features terrific short stories ranging from sweet to sizzling and penned by some of the leading lights in today's romance and erotica genres. Buy it to help a great cause, read it for the great stories!"
~Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of VERTIGO and HOW NANCY DREW SAVED MY LIFE

"With a story to suit every appetite, DREAMS AND DESIRES is a delicious collaboration. Kudos to the authors for taking readers on a delightful journey while promoting a wonderful cause."
~Joanne Rock, author of THE KNIGHT'S COURTSHIP and DON'T LOOK BACK

Romance For One - by Rachelle Chase

Mary fiddled with her wine glass. As her fingertips circled the lip of the glass, her gaze traveled around the room, resting briefly on the occupants at the other tables, before moving on to the couples slow-dancing on the dance floor. Bodies swayed, pressed close together – chest to breast, cock to pussy.

Need coiled in Mary's stomach. Why had she stopped by Giddeon's on the busiest night of the week? To prove to herself that she was over Scott? That she could sit in their favorite restaurant – at their old table – and not feel an inkling of remorse or nostalgia? Well, to that end, she had succeeded. Not once had she yearned for Scott. Instead, desire was winding its way through her body, circulating longing for the next man – the one who had not yet made his appearance in her life.

So what was she doing here?

Being silly, that's what she was doing here. Desire and longing for the next man, indeed. Mary shook her head in disgust and yanked her gaze from the couple with moves straight from Dirty Dancing, looking for her waiter, instead.

Ah, there he was, a couple tables away from her, setting a plate of fried plantains with sour cream in front of the man-

Mary's breath stuttered in her chest, jolting her desire up a notch and sparking heat in her stomach – as her gaze zoomed in on the man.

Available at Amazon or Freya’s Bower.