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Hot Dreams Front CoverIs it better to live out the best fantasy of your life, knowing it will end, than not to have had it at all?

Born with a port-wine stain birthmark covering part of her face, then the victim of a cruel joke the night her daughter Brianna was conceived, Tina Edwards is done with romantic fantasies. Caring for nine-year-old Brianna and running her business, Plants Alive, are all she needs.

Until she enters Hot Dreams—a male entertainment company that caters to women. As she stares at the photos dotting CEO Johnny Guerra’s desk, she can’t help but wonder and fantasize about what the real Johnny is like.

But thirteen years ago, the “real” Johnny died when he caused the death of his wife and unborn child. Now, he prefers to be viewed—and to view a woman—as an object. Until he meets Tina and accepts her challenge for a performance like no other.

One simple dance . . . one simple fantasy . . . and unexpected consequences force them to confront the one real thing they’ve been hiding from: Love.

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“Erotic romance readers, take note – Rachelle Chase is not only back, she’s hotter and deeper than ever before.”
Leigh Michaels, National Bestselling Author

“Hot and sexy, with some tear-jerking moments. This is a great kickoff to the series!”
Calista Fox, Award-winning Author