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Secrets Volume 13

“Out of Control” by Rachelle Chase

Astrid Thomas's world revolves around her business, Eventures, which is why she's hoping to pick up wealthy Erik Santos as a new client. Only Erik is hoping to pick up something entirely different: A weekend trophy wife. Will Astrid give in to seductive pull of Erik's proposition and do something she's never done before – be Out of Control for 48 hours?

“In the Heat of the Night” by Calista Fox

Haunted by a century-old curse, Molina Toscano fears she won’t live to see her thirtieth birthday. Nick Moretti, her former bodyguard, is hired back into service to protect her from the fatal accidents that plague her family. But In the Heat of the Night, will his passion and love for her be enough to convince Molina they have a future together?

“Hawkmoor” by Amber Green

Whether in downtown Manhattan or the deep Ontario forest, shape-shifters answer to Darien Hawkmoor, and rely on him to keep the peace. He acts in the name of the long-missing Lady Hawkmoor, their hereditary ruler, to whom he was bonded as a child. When Lady Hawkmoor unexpectedly surfaces, the myths evaporate. Darien must deal with a stubborn, scrappy individual whose wary eyes hold the other half of his soul, but who has the power to destroy his world.

“Lessons In Pleasure” by Charlotte Featherstone

A wicked bargain has Lily Farrington vowing never to yield to the demands of the rake she once loved and lost. Unfortunately, Damian Westerham, the Earl of St. Croix, or Saint as he is infamously known, will not take ‘no’ for an answer. Vow or no, he means to have Lily, and he plans on getting exactly what he wants with his Lessons In Pleasure.

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"Four and 1/2 stars"
~Romantic Times Magazine

"…These two have chemistry from the get-go and it just builds throughout the story. The sexual scenes are tantalizing and highly erotic. This story was a winner from start to end."
~Susan, Love Romances

"The chemistry between them sizzles, and yet they find more than lust during their weekend."
~Jennifer, Romance Reviews Today

"…This story was a surprising delight! Ms. Chase managed in a short space to throw us a few curves and write two very engaging characters. A classic romance with a spicy twist I recommend getting “Out of Control” is highly satisfying!"
~5 hearts, Patrice, The Romance Studio

"I loved this short story. The sexual role playing Erik and Astrid agree to share is not only titillating but such a novel way to set a romance. Their game was so fun to read about and watch while the two lose their control with one another and find such exquisite pleasure…"
~Marina, Cupid's Library Reviews

"Ms. Chase has penned an enchanting tale of two people brought together by a classified ad and held together by love. I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys contemporary tales tinged with a bit of dominance and submission.”
~Susan White,  Coffee Time Romance

"These four authors take us places beyond our imagination for some very hot and heavy love! The heroes and heroines herein will nestle their way into your hearts and fantasies! I tried to pick a favorite tale, but alas, could not. I will venture to say that this is my favorite SECRETS volume yet!!!”
~Thia McClain, The Romance Readers Connection

“Out of Control” is a story full of seductive adventure. Astrid is a woman taking a chance and unleashing the desires within. Erik is sexy and intense, his alpha attitude will have readers short of breath and wondering what he will do next. The love scenes are vivid and leave nothing to the imagination. Rachelle Chase has done an outstanding job creating characters that mesmerizes the reader and leaves them wanting more.”
~Angel, Romance Junkies

"I truly enjoy your style of writing, not to mention your subject matter … You have a wonderful talent of describing details so realistically that I was able to see the scene in my minds eye. The fact that you have a strong woman, made even more powerful because she allows herself relinquish control, adds erotic realism and a strength of character that the wild side in all of us can relate to. Keep up the great work and keep them coming! I always love a good 'Chase' and it's nice to finally read an author that writes what many of us "Secretly" want to read."
~Katherine Scacchetti, Ballston Book House Review

"…enticing …sizzling love scenes are coupled with emotional epiphanies … a red-hot, seat-squirming, summertime sizzler…elevate[s] erotic romance to new heights."
~Heartstrings Reviews

"No secret anymore this anthology provides readers with some of the hottest well written romances around."
Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"Out of Control was a wonderful way to start this anthology out right …"
~Jennifer, Fallen Angel Book Reviews