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Sex Lounge CoverA woman who hides behind fantasy

Manager Nichole Simms projects professionalism and poise at San Francisco’s Talentz talent agency. But a more daring Nichole pens wild, sexually-explicit fantasies in a private notebook.

A man who lives firmly in reality

Famous chaise designer Derek Mitchell is all about business, with no time or interest in fantasy. Until he finds Nichole’s secret book—and discovers he’s the star.

An erotic book that turns fantasy into reality

Derek shows Nichole the pleasure of living the words, instead of writing them. But each sizzling kiss and scorching caress leads them to deeper—and more decadent—desires that neither knew they possessed.

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“A heart-thumping, sexy page turner. You’ll love it!”
~Lori Foster, Bestselling author

“I’ve been researching the origins and meaning of sexual fantasies for over 10 years, and never have I seen such an evocative and compelling depiction of them as in Rachelle Chase’s SEX LOUNGE. Chase’s fictional exploration of the nature of fantasy reflects not only an amazing erotic imagination, but a capacity to plumb the depths of the unconscious mind. The reader is simultaneously swept up in Chase’s writing, drawn into the drama of her characters, and kept in a state of sexual arousal all at the same time. SEX LOUNGE takes you on a ride that is exciting and enlightening at the same time.”
~Michael Bader, DMH, psychologist and psychoanalyst, author of AROUSAL: THE SECRET LOGIC OF SEXUAL FANTASIES

“Rachelle Chase is the Goddess of Erotic Romance. The hot, steamy, and unforgettable romance sizzles in this page-turning novel”
~Mary B. Morrison, Bestselling author

“Readers who dare to fantasize will love the sexual scenarios in Chase’s scorching tale. The emotional growth between the main characters makes this story worth reading and savoring.”
4-stars ~Romantic Times Magazine

“The sexual tension in Sex Lounge was enough to make me sweat. More than once my heart rate sped up in time with Nichole’s as Derek’s sensual and sinful seduction began. I enjoyed watching these two characters fall for each other … SEX LOUNGE was truly a delight to read. I became as obsessed with reading Sex Lounge as Nichole was obsessed with Derek. Unable to put the book down, I read it completely and totally in one sitting. One long, steamy sitting. Rachelle Chase has my attention with this release and I would love reading more from her.”
~Talia, Joyfully Reviewed

“The story of Nichole’s innocence and Derek’s passion is written in such an ingenious way and it will spur many emotions in readers. You will laugh at Nichole’s predicament when Derek finds her notebook and share her disappointment when Derek shows what he thinks are his true colors…Anyone looking for a light read to lose themselves in will enjoy SEX LOUNGE. Its believable situations, excellent characterization, interesting twists, and great hot sex make this one highly recommended.”
~Ariel Summers, RRTErotic Reviews

“SEX LOUNGE is spicy, hot, erotic romance at its best! Who has not fantasized about someone they work with? I loved reading how Nichole wrote hers down and then got caught in the most delicious way…I savored every page!”
~Regina, Coffee Time Romance

“The sex scenes are very seductive, stimulating and sexy, especially when they reenact some of Nicole’s fantasies. From self pleasuring, voyeurism and seductive innuendos, these scenes will have you reaching for a favorite toy and a partner. I found the author’s meticulous and descriptive details definitely enhance the sexual ambiance of the story…The variety of secondary characters provided suspense and mystery to the storyline without taking away the focus of Nicole and Derek’s relationship. I felt emotionally drawn to Nicole and Derek as they discovered the sexual and emotional chemistry building up as the story progressed, but I did feel that the story was rushed towards the end. I look forward to reading future stories from Ms. Chase.”
~Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Ms. Chase does an excellent job of building the sexual chemistry between these characters. The erotic aspect of the relationship is there from the start but making the characters wait a bit was very satisfying for this reader. We get to see the relationship grow from just sex to perhaps a little more than just sex. These characters really 'get' each other – they know when to keep pushing and when to back off – and especially how to get their attention onto more pleasurable things. A truly sexy read!”
~Jennifer Harden, The Romance Readers Connection