"We're always in the
midst of a chase.

Going after a dream...

Chasing a fantasy...

And making it a

This is what I write

Life is about the chase."

~ Rachelle

Writing Life

A photo of Mary Leo, translator Carla Calimani, and myself appeared in Italy’s equivalent of the Wall Street Journal.

Italian financial publication

The delightful Elizabeth Jennings, author and co-founder of the awesome Women’s Fiction Festival (which I just returned from) in Matera, Italy, just sent it to me. Isn’t that cool?

Stay tuned for more Italy updates, as well as videos. I hope to get them posted this weekend.

I’ve been in Matera, Italy for three days, participating in the Women’s Fiction Festival.

Sassi in Matera Italy

I’ve conducted two workshops on Making the Mundane Erotic - what a fantastic experience to have my words translated real-time to Italians and get such fabulous feedback!

I also participated an author’s panel, where agent Maria Paola Romeo interviewed Tiziana Merani, Mary Leo, and I, while the wonderful Teresa translated. It was exciting — and nerve-racking — to have residents of Matera attend this event.

Mary Leo, Rachelle Chase, Teresa

Rumor has it that I appeared on local television in the audience of the conference, as well as a participant at the Museo della Scultura Contemporanea (MUSMA), where a couple of us were blindfolded (including agent Deb Werksmann of SourceBooks and her hubby, Jeff) as we ran our hands along the sculptures and described what we were feeling.


Off to pitch my books to publishers looking to buy foreign rights. Wish me luck … Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. Everyone who does will be entered in a drawing for a gift from Italy. Photo coming soon.

So I was cranking away on my work in progress, when I got stuck. You see, Bobbie, my heroine, was trailing behind a guy she doesn’t know is the hero (yet). And as she’s walking along, fantasizing about the untold joys that she hopes will unfold shortly in his hotel room, she’s staring admiringly at his butt. And she thinks to herself, this guy’s ass reminds of … of … of …

This is where I got stuck. I drew a complete blank on a male celebrity who has a nice ass. So, I had to stop and do some “research.”

Butt Photo This “research” led me to a butt quiz, which totally snapped me out of the mood as I was forced to gaze upon some awful-looking butts. Then I found a survey soliciting votes for/against butts – but with no photos. (Am I the only one who doesn’t have an image of every celebrity’s ass engraved in my brain?!)

And, somehow, this search led me to … furniture. Which completely removed all thoughts of ass cheeks and writing from my mind, since I desperately need living room furniture.

So, let’s forget about butts. And let’s talk about lips.

What do you think of this ensemble for my living room? Cheesy? Or the perfect statement for an erotic romance author?

Bocca Lip Sofa Photo

As many of you know, I do not blog consistently. Many times, it’s because I don’t know what to say. Sure, I can – and do – share amusing vignettes, contest and book news, but … is this what my readers want to hear?

Please help me give you the news that you want to read

The second annual SOBCon08 is “the Biz School for Bloggers.” For three days in May, guest speakers will discuss the nuts and bolts of successful blogging. And I really want to go! So…

To help me help you, all I need is for you to click HERE by 3/15/08 to visit the SOBCon site.

Thank you in advance for your help! And, perhaps I’ve piqued your interest in attending the conference…?

My guest on “Chatting with Chase” this month was Leigh Michaels, author of 75+ romance books and ON WRITING ROMANCE, her recent release from Writer’s Digest Books. (You can catch her interview here if you missed it). During the interview, Leigh read opening paragraphs that had been submitted prior to the show and critiqued them on the air.

Well, since then, I’ve been thinking a lot about openings. And my struggle with my to-be-revised-for-the-hundredth-time opening to RUNNING AWAY has provided me with … what, class? … Right! Yet another procrastination opportunity. For now, I must stop working on my book and go comb my personal romance library for other author’s books that contain openings that I like.

Here are some of the favorites I’ve (re-)discovered ….

“How can you tell it’s a scrotum?” Reggie turned the page sideways, then a full 180 degrees, then back to what she assumed was the original orientation.Delicious, by Jami Alden

This immediately grabbed my attention, making me wonder why Reggie can’t tell it’s a scrotum from whatever she’s looking at, why she’s looking at it to begin with, and where the story’s going to go from here.

One moment he was a faceless stranger standing on a Mexican street corner; the next he was opening the passenger side door and sliding into the rented orange Volkswagon Rabbit beside her.Wild Orchids, by Karen Robards

Need I say more? Who wouldn’t be hooked, wanting to read on to see what this stranger is going to do to the heroine? Ms. Robards has led me to suspect an adventure will follow (and it does).

AN ENORMOUS .357 MAGNUM, AIMED POINT-BLANK BETWEEN her eyes – that was Gus Featherstone’s first clue that something had gone awry with her plans. The second was the black ski mask the gunman wore and the terrifying glint in his dark eyes. Apparently she should have been more specific when she arranged to have herself kidnapped.Blush, by Suzanne Forster

Similar to Wild Orchids, I’ve got another potential ‘kidnap’ tale here. (Oh goody!) But not only am I thrown into the midst of the action, Ms. Forster has given me the premise for the whole book in that last sentence. And since it’s such a unique premise, I can’t wait to read on.

The human head is of the same approximate size and weight as a roaster chicken. I have never before had occasion to make the comparison, for never before today, have I seen a head in a roasting pan. But here are forty of them, one per pan, resting face-up on what looks to be a small pet-food bowl … - Stiff, by Mary Roach

I was hooked on Stiff from the back cover blurb but when I started reading this paragraph, I knew I had to buy the book. As if a book on dead bodies and what happens to them wasn’t compelling enough, after reading this, I knew I wasn’t going to get a clinical discussion or a bunch of mundane facts.

A woman didn’t have to stand on the corner to become a prostitute. All women at some point in their lives have exchanged pussy for goods and services. The best tricksters could barter for homes, cars, diamonds, furs, and enough cash to maintain a five-figure bank account. The unsophisticated females, oblivious to how much men would pay to bust a nut or have their dicks sucked, were happy with a movie, a meal, and a few lies about how much the man loved her …Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This, by Mary B. Morrison

Whoa. This is real, raw. What has made this woman become so jaded? I’m ready to read on to find out. And then, when I realize it’s a guy thinking this, I’m doubly intrigued.

So, I’ve shared a few of my favorites. Comments? Thoughts? What’s your favorite opening paragraph from a book?


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