What I expected . . .

On Friday, when I attended the “Fifty Shades of Men” performance, I’d thought that just like the other 120 or so women attending, I would watch hunky guys dance while I privately celebrated the release of HOT DREAMS, my book featuring a hunky male dancer.

Tim, Tristan, and Trey of "Fifty Shades of Men"

Tim, Tristan, and Trey of “Fifty Shades of Men”

Though the “Fifty Shades of Men” poster included “with Rachelle Chase,” like the other women present, I was there to see the guys perform—but with the added benefit and anticipation of seeing the re-enactment of a scene from my book.

That was the extent of how I was expecting to celebrate.

What actually happened . . .

I got to see the great, fun show I was expecting and watch Tristan’s re-enactment of a scene from HOT DREAMS, which he earnestly performed with little advance notice, as I’d hoped.

But what I thought would be a private celebration became the most amazing public celebration, where I felt included and a part of the event.

For example:

  • At the beginning of the show, Melissa, the awesome woman at Market on Main who made the event happen, announced that we were celebrating the publication of HOT DREAMS—and she and Diego mentioned me throughout the evening

    Photo of Melissa Combest Little and Rachelle Chase

    Melissa Combest Little and Rachelle Chase

  • Diego called me on stage to “demo” what women would get if they purchased a lap dance—thank God photographer Margit Trautmann’s camcorder conveniently malfunctioned during that part!

    Diego, "Fifty Shades of Men" dancer

    Diego, “Fifty Shades of Men” dancer

  • The women attending were warm and friendly and supportive and just downright awesome

And …
  • I was given the fantastic gift of people standing in line to buy a copy of my book!!

    Rachelle Chase signing HOT DREAMS at Market on Main

    Rachelle Chase signing HOT DREAMS at Market on Main

All of which, made it a magical, memorable, night that I will never forget.

What I regret most . . .

I wish I had met more of the fantastic women there. I did not visit every table and introduce myself—the introvert in me felt it would be presumptuous and intrusive to do so.

But, as I was talking to folks towards the end of the show and they congratulated me and we chatted, it hit me that they would probably have appreciated it.

And I kicked myself all weekend for not having done it. 🙁 So, for those I didn’t get to meet, I’m sorry—here’s hoping that I run into you somewhere in town soon!

Thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who attended, along with those who bought a copy of HOT DREAMS, plus Melissa and the Market on Main staff, as well as the “Fifty Shades of Men performers” Diego, Tim, Trey, and Tristan. And special thanks to The Bridal Cottage and Essential Massage for sponsoring the event.

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